We have changed our Sermon Page from publishing every sermon preached at Berean Christian Fellowship to instead offer selected messages that more directly support the work of Berean Lamp Ministries to encourage and edify Believers by the Word of God during these last days.

God Gives Peace when His People turn to HIM! Dana Dexter bring us the last in this series in Philippians. Today Phil 4:1-23

Seek Christ At All Cost bad record

Sorry but this Message will not be posted, I had technical issues with the recording of the message. Dana Dexter bring the next message in his series on Philippians. This week Chapter 3. "Seek Christ At All Cost" Phil 3:1-21

Unity in Christ

The message from Dana Dexter from Phil 2:12-18 "Our Unity in Christ"

A Boarding Pass

A Boarding pass but not a ticket to an amusement park. The next installment in the series on Philippians. Today Phil 2:1-11

When we strive to be like Christ

When we strive to be like Christ... Philippians 1:12-30 Starts with Hymn #642 "Abide with Me"

Paul Letter to the Philippians

Dana Dexter works through the first chapter for Philippians

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