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When we strive to be like Christ

When we strive to be like Christ... Philippians 1:12-30 Starts with Hymn #642 "Abide with Me"

Paul Letter to the Philippians

Dana Dexter works through the first chapter for Philippians

The Millennium IS Relevant to all times and ages, but especially to our time and age. Why? Because man has a problem with his nature - one that prevents him from obtaining the Millennium for himself. This problem is SIN. Man has always known it, and many of the great minds of our age have admitted we are heading to calamity because of man's nature. The need is ever more apparent for Jesus Christ to return and set up His sinless rule. Let;s look together at what God's Word has to say about this. (Part 2 of a message on the Millennium brought by Nathan Warner).

The Millennium is PRACTICAL to your daily life. Most Christians know very little about what Scripture says concerning what comes next, and even fewer understand what it means for them now in this life. Let's look at what God's Word has to say about what the Millennium means to your life today. (Part One of a two part message on the Millennium Brought by Nathan Warner).

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