You’re Not Wearing That, Are You? (A Joyce and Rejoice Adventure)

Rejoice: You’re not wearing that to the picnic, are you? You’ll look ridiculous!

You’re Not Wearing That, Are You?

(A Joyce and Rejoice Adventure)

By Jane Titrud

Rejoice: You’re not wearing that to the picnic, are you?  You’ll look ridiculous!

Joyce: I’ll look like you.  We’re twins, remember, identical twins? And you’re wearing the same thing as I am.

Rejoice: That’s the problem.  I don’t want to emphasize the fact that we’re identical twins.  We’re not cute little girls any more.  We’re adults, and I think we should each have our own styles.  Besides, I have been planning to wear this for days.

Joyce: But, what’s the big deal about looking alike?  When we go to be with the Lord, He’s going to dress all the saved in garments of white and robes of righteousness.  Sounds like we’ll all look the same then, and that’s forever.  So, why does it bother you so much now?

Rejoice: I just want people to be able to tell us apart.  It’s embarrassing when people get us mixed up because we look so much alike.  I even wonder how God will be able to tell us apart.

Joyce: Oh, He won’t have a problem.  He looks on the inside.

Rejoice: So, maybe if I am careful not to eat the same things as you do, He will be able to tell us apart?

Joyce: Now, you know that’s not what I meant.  I was talking about the heart.  Besides, it sounds like we’ll have new names assigned to us in heaven anyway.  That would make us different—although I think He might give you and several other people your same name.

Rejoice: Why is that?

Joyce:  Because the Scriptures say in Philippians 4:4: “Rejoice, Rejoice!  And again, I say rejoice!”  It sounds to me like He’s calling at least three people by your name right there.

Rejoice: I believe the quote is: “Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice!”  Anyway, the Scriptures seem to indicate that we will bear the new name of Christ.  It’s not clear that we will get new names ourselves.  You should check out Revelation 2:17 and 3:12. 

Joyce: Still, you must admit that true believers are said to be “in the Lord.”  So, you see, you technically are “Rejoice, in the Lord.”

Rejoice: Very funny—or should I say “punny.”  I’m just glad we were born girls instead of boys.  Otherwise, Dad might have named us Pete and Repeat!

Joyce: Yah, he had quite a sense of humor, and that’s an old joke.  But, “Joyce” and “Rejoice” both mean to be glad and joyous, so I think he and Mom were just overjoyed to have twin girls.  Or, maybe they were extremely happy to have two babies that looked exactly like me!

Rejoice: Well, I told my boyfriend I was wearing this outfit today so that he could tell us apart.  Let’s see how joyful you are when he mistakes you for me!  Anyway, I don’t want us to look alike, so I’ve already decided to wear something else.

Joyce: No, that’s OK.  I’ll change.  You can wear what you have on.  I’ll wear the purple outfit we picked out last week.

Rejoice: But you can’t!  That’s just what I decided to wear!




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