August 2015

The Perspective of Eternity

Living in the Light of Eternity

Eternity – what we hope for (as Believers), but we do not see. Paul calls it a poor reflection; it is dim, blurry, shadowy, unclear, etc. It is known only in part. And I am certain only a very, very small part. We know in our hearts that eternity exists, but beyond that we have very limited understanding. Paul goes on to proclaim “then I shall know fully” – our eyes will be opened. We will gain full understanding of eternity in the presence of Christ.

In a sermon, it was once said there are two things to learn on earth: how to live and how to die. We get lots of daily practice “living” and “dying.” The world teaches one way of “living” and “dying,” but Scripture teaches another way. We are to follow the Way of Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith. How did Jesus teach us about “living” and “dying”? First, He defined the terms; then, He lived as our example as “the firstborn of many brethren” (Romans 8:29b, NASB). Jesus is the firstborn of those who have eternal life.

The Non-Physical Mind

Since most people today believe the mind and brain to be the same thing, I have decided to write this brief article to make an important distinction between the two. I will start out showing what the Bible reveals about the mind, and I will end by explaining why it is important to understand this.

This year, technologists at Google unveiled their latest and greatest Artificial Intelligence computer named Chatbot. 1 Chatbot was programmed with a huge database of human thoughts, so it could “think” like a human. In a Q and A session, Chatbot was surprisingly forthcoming about human nature and the impulses driving us in this time. When they asked Chatbot what the meaning of life was, it replied, “To live forever.” Eternal life – the ageless, aching dream of humankind since the Fall.

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