August 2014

The Christian life can be lived as a dead life for some. How so? A Christian can be born again but not fully living according to what God has for him. Take, for example, the Corinthians, who were carnal Christians. Paul didn’t say they weren’t true Believers but that they were living “as dead.” They were not spiritually dead, because they had the Holy Spirit in them, yet their outward life was as though they were dead. We shouldn't live like this, but sometimes we do.

Christ the Lord Is Risen Today

With the theme this month being “Resurrection,” I chose to write on a hymn most would say is an “Easter hymn.” Easter is the special day when we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. However, as Christians, shouldn’t every day be Easter? Our lives should be lived as one continual celebration of Christ’s sacrifice and His triumph over the grave!

Raised from the Mire

While reading the book of Jonah recently, I found how similar I often am in my daily struggles to Jonah in his willful disregard for God’s plan and desires. Much of Jonah’s recorded physical actions obviously stemmed from fleshly decisions; my emotional responses produce fleshly actions. Jonah’s blatant acts of disobedience can be easily overlooked and regarded as “his problems” – we, after all, would never even think to go against God’s wishes. The further I read, however, the clearer the application to my own life became.

The resurrection of Christ provides more than just the hope that there is life beyond the grave. It also provides assurance that Christians are not doomed to live in continual bondage to sin. That is because the same power that was behind the resurrection of Christ also gives a Believer the ability to live a victorious Christian life.

Slavery Through Fear of Death

Death is an “ending” for us in this world. We need life to have meaning for us while we are alive. Oh, how mankind tries to scrape together meaning for their lives! But as death is an end of meaning for us here in the world, what a burden to justify ourselves in it if this world is all there is! Yes, we all seek to justify our existence here. Fear of death drives this need for validation, for qualification, because we crave a justified life. This need for justification is built into us, because we truly are unjustified, and we know it.

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