July 2012


I Will Take My Place

I Surrender All

The hymn “I Surrender All” has long been one of my favorites to play and sing. It contains a powerful message for Christians on surrendering our whole being to the work of the Lord.

Take Up Your Cross

Long before Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross, He was instructing His disciples about the cross. He kept telling them that in order to be His disciples they needed to take up their own cross and follow Him.

Thankfully, God does not want us to present or yield ourselves to Him blindly.

Trusting Surrender

Complete surrender for a believer is a sacrifice to God of our mind, our body, and our spirit. It means surrendering everything. That sounds simple enough. We may all nod our heads and agree, but living surrender out can be much more of a challenge than we thought.

Motivation to Surrender

Back when I was still new to the Scriptures, I had a hard time understanding why God did not want us to be proud. I did not realize this at the time, but pride was my problem even while I was insecure.

Who is Lord of Your Estate?

To whom are you surrendered? Every human being lives in surrender to someone. There are no exceptions, and there are no half-surrenders.

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