June 2018

Story of a Girl.

She daydreamed of wearing her lime green sweatshirt, her knee-length, blue jean cutoffs, and her knee-high white socks that she had worn all summer, but shorts were not allowed at school, and for wearing a pair of overalls, she had already been sent to the office. Perfectly practical pants precipitated an appeal—practically a punishment—to the parent, from the principal. Preposterous, she thought. However, last summer, with her blue-jean cutoffs, and white knee high socks, just the caps of her knees showed—a compromise with the heat, and she had been able to do anything her heart desired—comfortable and free to move. It had been almost perfect.

Rejoice: You’re not wearing that to the picnic, are you? You’ll look ridiculous!

The Centrality of the Soul

Insofar as clothing conceals our deformities and by decoration can impart some degree of magnificence, it is to mankind a signal aspect of our sublunary existence. Likewise, the soul receives its own covering: that of the body. So we find that all observations are made from within; howsoever altruistic one may be, the center of one’s life is never from the perspective of another (Proverbs 14:10).

How remarkable to think God clothes Himself with us when we become His children! We know in His Word, in many places, how God clothes the sinner. Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden. Right away they saw that they were not clothed. They were naked. But God made skins out of the sacrifice of an innocent animal and clothed them Himself. When we see our own sin in God’s light, we also see how naked we are before Him, as our guilt is completely exposed.

Of course, the origin of clothing was in the Fall of Man into rebellion against God. Before the Fall, Adam and Eve were clothed by fellowship with God. The thoughts of their hearts and minds were completely open to God and they felt no spiritual shame because there was no reason to hide their thoughts from Him. They were not open to judgment in the light of His presence, for they had no sin. They were justified to be with Him.

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