April 2016

The Millennium refers to the 1,000 year reign of Jesus Christ over the earth from His physical throne at Jerusalem and the Church’s rule with Him as His Saints. Woven throughout Scripture are references to the Millennium, which immediately follows the Tribulation. Let’s look at some Scriptural details of the Millennium in the context of the events surrounding it.

Why One Thousand Years?

Yet, one might well ask, why one thousand years? Why not immediately create the new heavens and the new earth mentioned in Revelation 21:1, and then have Jesus Christ and His saints rule on earth forever? One thousand years is a long time, but it is not forever.

Why Look to the Millennium?

There are also many Christians who think we should focus on practical teaching for Christian living and skip all the prophetic elements since “they don’t really apply to me,” and “it isn’t really relevant to my life and my practical spiritual needs.” But the Millennium IS practical to our daily lives.

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