April 2014

Humility is to respect, esteem, and love God and our brethren in Christ more than ourselves. In contrast, pride is to usurp God and take His place, making us His enemy. Satan is the Biblical example of God’s enemy and our enemy. Since we are to know the weapons of our enemy, let’s look at pride’s arsenal of arrogance skills and contrast this arsenal with the God-given grace of humility.

Let This Mind Be in You

What does it mean to have the mind of Christ? As Believers and followers of Christ, we want to know His mind, His heart, and His will if we truly love Him. We'll see as we read of the mind of Christ in His Word that it was always a mind of humility. Even though He was deity, He took on the form of a servant and the weakness of human flesh. He was obedient even to the point of death.

The Mind of Christ

Paul commanded the Philippians to complete his joy (Philippians 2:1-2). While this at first may appear to be a selfish demand, quite the opposite is true. Completing Paul's joy here leads to the death of selfish demands. It leads to healthy relationships and peace-filled local churches. It leads to pastors with a high quality of life. Best of all, it leads to an intimate knowledge of Jesus Christ and a fuller appreciation of what He has done for us.

Fie on You, Oh Silly Heart

It is a cross between irony and hypocrisy for a debtor to call himself rich or a child to say he is independent. The debtor is, by his situation, owned by those he is in debt to. The child is under the care, supervision, and guidance of his parents. We boast that America is the richest nation - but in fact, we are one of the poorest.

The Earth Is Not for Sale

Throughout history, mankind has taken what he wants through force. Sometimes, when he is more “benevolent,” he might try to buy it. One thing he does not do is inherit it. Everything man has belongs to God, and if anything, he is but an interim caretaker of it.

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