April 2013

Holy, Holy, Holy

This hymn reminds me of the majesty and authority of God. When I sing or play this hymn, I cannot help myself from being filled with the awe of God’s holiness and the joy that He loves me although I am a sinner! I cannot wait until the day when I can sing with the angels in heaven praises to my King!

There are those who think they have unity outside of abiding in the true Vine, Who is Christ Himself. They have a form of "unity,” but it is not the unity of the Spirit, which we have only as we are placed into Christ, as a branch that drinks and receives life from that Vine. People can create unity from many different common goals. They may have political goals or religious goals, and they may want to join together for a common cause, but in the Body of Christ, there is a unity that has been made by Jesus Christ.

Paul and Timothy were truly united in Christ. They had “kindred spirits.” The word “kindred” means “of the same nature” or “of the same attributes (affections, dispositions, etc).” Paul wanted to send Timothy to learn the condition of the Philippians, because he was of the same nature. What nature is that?

A Unity That Praises Him

Leonardo of Pisa was born in Italy during the late 1100s. His reputation as a gifted mathematician soared when he discovered an intricate numbering sequence that is still awing scientists to this day. While studying rabbits, Leonardo of Pisa found that the little creatures multiplied in number from one to thirteen in seven months – not randomly but in a distinct pattern. Leonardo, who was nicknamed Fibonacci, had unearthed the “Fibonacci number sequence.”

Spiritual Palsy

Palsy is a broad medical term for conditions that prevent signals from the brain from being correctly interpreted by the members of the body. A person suffering from Palsy may, for example, desire to stand up, walk to the window, or pick up a cup, but their limbs cannot obey their will – they jerk and spaz in random directions. This physical condition illustrates when the body “rebels” against the will of the head and will not carry out its instructions. It is not whole or one in its desires and actions.

Unity of the Body

You have probably heard the well known quote, “No man is an island,” by John Donne, a seventeenth-century English clergyman and writer. Donne was trying to convey the interconnection and dependence that each person has with other people.

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