April 2012

Hallelujah! Alleluia!

I Come To You, My Lord

Only Through Jesus

I’m sure there have been many times when angels have helped me through a difficult or impossible situation, and I didn’t even realize it, but there have been several times when I was absolutely sure of angelic intervention. One such time happened many years ago when my wife, Marge, and I were on our way back home to Beaver Bay on the North Shore.

Many people know familiar passages of Scripture by memory such as John 3:16 or Psalm 23. But what are some specific ways that we can benefit from memorizing God’s Word? Several different thoughts came to mind when I was thinking about this subject.

An Ordinary Day

No day is dull when the focus is on Him who opens our understanding through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. No day is dreary when believers read from that great Book or hear the Word when they gather together. No day is ordinary when we are in Christ.

Exalting Jesus Above My Chief Joy

Would we say in our captivity, “If I forget you, O Jesus, let my right hand forget its skill; if I do not remember you, let my tongue cling to the roof of my mouth; if I do not exalt Jesus above my chief joy?”

Assurance of Eternal Life

Contemporary Christians have been conditioned to believe that because they recited a prayer, walked the aisle, or had some other experience, they are saved and should never question their salvation. It is a widely held misconception that anyone who questions whether he or she is saved is challenging the integrity of God’s Word.

The Story of a New Creation

It is my desire that this testimony will reveal the root of all problems in life and that it will point people to the solution of those problems.

Fellowship With ___?

With whom do we fellowship? Do we fellowship with our Old Nature (“flesh” or “self”) or with the New Nature that offers communion with the Father and His Son through the Holy Spirit?


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