February 2017

The Truth of Creation

There is a reason why the Bible begins with the stories of creation and the fall. They are both foundational to understanding God’s plan of salvation, which is revealed in the rest of the Scriptures...The opening chapters of Genesis are that important, hence the need to defend them from attack. Evolution is such an attack. (The author has a degree in Biology).

Man Lives by Faith

Anyone who claims to live their lives without faith clearly has not thought their position through. Almost every aspect of our lives intrinsically rests on trust in someone or something...Atheists and evolutionists regularly declare they do not require faith to explain the origin and nature of the universe. Yet they inherently do. (The author has degrees in Geology and Geophysics)

In the Beginning, God Created...

The foundational truth of God’s creation of the world and His authority and power has been openly and heavily attacked in our lifetimes. And yet, it remains true that “in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” All of His creation has purpose and function. We have the witness of God’s eternal power and Godhead within us and are without excuse.

A Scriptural Primer: CREATION

A journey through the Scriptures looking at God's good creation, the Fall of that creation into the futility of sin, the promise of the coming new creation that would be sinless, the physical manifestation of this new creation in Jesus' resurrected, glorified body (His body is the first fruits or first born of the new creation), the new spiritual creation that God makes in the Believer, the physical manifestation of this new creation in the Believer at the future Resurrection, and the final manifestation of the completed new creation throughout all nature at the end of the Millennium when God creates a new Heaven and a new earth.

A New Creation

Mankind, the most miraculous creation of all, has a very hard time believing or grasping spiritual things, because they are unseen, yet the evidence is there (John 3:5-8). It is such a mystery that it is very often totally missed or misunderstood, even by those who are God’s children. This is the miracle of the new creation that He creates within every man or woman who comes to Him in faith, when they are convicted of sin and their need for a Savior.

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