February 2016

I want to start out this article by stating I am well aware of the fact that defending the Bible as a full authority is an unpopular position today. However, the fact that it is so unpopular brings me to remember something that Jesus Himself said about the way which leads to life: He said that it is a narrow way, and that there are few who find it (see Matthew 7:13-14 and Luke 13:23-24).

Written For Our Instruction

Something I have come to appreciate about the Word of God over the years is that it contains multiple layers of revelation, all of which work together for our instruction. These layers are one reason a person can spend a lifetime studying God’s Word and never quite comprehend it all.

Looking in the Mirror

The first thing in the morning I usually do after I get up is to look into the mirror and see what I need to deal with for the day to prepare my outward appearance in a way that I will be able to present myself to the Lord for His service and to others who have to spend any time with me.

The Word and the Holy Spirit

After I became saved, I began to learn that it was the Holy Spirit Who illuminated the Word to me. Used as an adjective, the word illuminating means to “help to clarify or explain (a subject or matter): a most illuminating discussion” (New Oxford American Dictionary). The Scripture revealed to me that I had no righteousness of my own. Upon believing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the righteousness needed for salvation was imputed to me by the Holy Spirit.

Jesus Declares His Father

From the beginning of creation, Jesus has always declared His Father (or explained, or made Him known) – He is the declaration of God’s will. As God’s Son, Jesus makes known the thoughts, desires, and intentions of His Father.

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