October 2015

No Fear of Judgment

Many Believers live in fear of God’s judgment. But God’s Word tells us that we should not fear if we are in Christ.

Is “Judgment” a Bad Word?

Behind any apprehension we have with God’s judgment is the truth that we actually have apprehension with God Himself. At the core of the issue, we don’t trust His nature and we don’t have faith in His character. If we did, we would have faith in His judgment because we know it is part of His character, a character that He spelled out for us in His Word, a character that is loving, kind, holy, and pure.

Escaping the Coming Judgment

Realizing that God will eventually and certainly judge this world explains the need for the Gospel in the first place. Man has to have a remedy for the penalty and power of sin. Otherwise, he would be hopelessly and eternally lost. God is a holy God Who simply cannot tolerate sin. In His mercy, He provided a way of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ. And, this is the only way to avoid judgment.

If judgment begins from the house of God, it is a point of origin for God's judgment on the world. There are so many arguments today that Christians must go through the Tribulation to be “purified” or “cleansed” because we are not yet “without spot or wrinkle.” People who believe this often use 1 Peter 4 to teach that the Church has to go through a “judging” process and partake of the Tribulation. I don't find this mentality in the Bible at all.

Destroying from the Inside Out

Let me ask you a question: how many of you can think of a time when you were hurt by another person’s judgment of you? This is an easy question to answer. I am sure most of us can quickly come up with more than one example of times where we have experienced this kind of hurt in our lives. Let me ask you another question: how many times have you been guilty of being the one passing the judgment? Now, this is a harder question to answer. Most of us don’t want to admit to ever having being found on this side of the equation. But now is the time to be completely honest with ourselves.

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