October 2014

Social Witnessing

Some people like to use social media and networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Many of them are Believers. I am among them. If you are also among those who like to interact with people through social media, it can be a tremendous opportunity for fellowship and for sharing the Gospel.

Are You Present?

To witness is to be known by personal presence, to testify, to attest. For example, when someone sees a car run a red light and cause an accident, that person is a witness because he was present at the scene and saw what happened. God Himself is a witness of our lives. He is present to know us – both our actions and our inner heart motivations.

I Love to Tell the Story

As Christians, I believe we are often not open enough with sharing our faith to a lost world. I know I personally need to greatly improve in this area of my faith. However, I think we need to be careful to not assume the approach to witnessing must be generalized across all Christians. It is true that some are called to lives of full-time ministry such as being pastors or missionaries. Some people would argue these occupations are the only ministries that witness and evangelize, but I would argue that are we not all called to lives of full-time ministry once we have accepted Christ into our hearts? It is my firm belief that we can be effective witnesses for Christ our Lord in whatever life He has called us into.

To Die Is to Gain

What if, at this moment, you found out that you were going to die in 24 hours? Would you have to change anything?

When I sat in church recently, looking around me at my brothers and sisters in Christ, it dawned on me what a witness we are to one another, even in the Body of Christ. We think of witnessing as something we go out in the world to do...and it is, but it is also something we are every day to those who are around us, and in fact, that is where we have the greatest impact on lives.

The Hitchhiker

Sometimes when we share the gospel with people, it seems like an exercise in futility. Some people show a negative response or no response at all. Don’t let that bother you. Keep praying for them. Many years ago, I had an experience that may be as much of an encouragement to you as it was to me.

Witnessing in the Last Days

When we think of witnessing, we generally think of Believers reaching out to people who don’t know the Gospel. When we think of examples, we think of the Apostles in the book of Acts, don’t we? And when we think of persecution resulting from our witnessing, we think of the unbeliever rejecting the Gospel. While there certainly are many circumstances in our lives today that may echo the work of the Apostles, the work before many of us today is actually more akin to the work of the Prophets.

A New Command I Give to You

It is by our very Christ-like love for one another that we are giving witness to the world that we are disciples of Jesus. This matter is so often overlooked by Christians when they consider Jesus’ command to be His witnesses. Most Christians are more concerned about “what to say” than how they are loving other Believers. Sadly, they do not understand that their lack of love towards other Believers so often negates the very witness they want to be.

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