"'Let us rejoice and exult and give Him the glory, for the marriage of the Lamb has come, and His Bride has made herself ready.…’” (Revelation 19:7)



It’s a long, long engagement
Nearly two-thousand years.
No longer engagement
The earth knows of nears.
The Bridegroom has labored
His Light grown brighter.
He has waited so long
To love and delight her.
The Bride too has waited
As the day slowly nears
Not knowing the time
When her Lover appears.
The clouds are now parting
There’s a glimmer in the east
The wicked departing
Their protests have ceased.
The lamps have been lit now
In the heavens’ dark sea
The Virgins will bear them
To the beautiful Tree.
Starlight in its bowers
The Bridegroom waits beside
The avenue of flowers
The Stream at His side.
Here too is bloodshed
From deep painful wounds
That purchased from cowards
His Wife from their tombs.
Here she stands beside Him
Radiant with Joy
She’s walked in His Light
Though darkness annoy.
Oh, glorious delight!
The Love in His eyes!
That conquered all death -
The darkness that dies!
“Oh, my merciful Lord!
Oh, my wonderful King!
The Heavens declare you
And everything sings!”
“Oh, my beloved Bride!
Oh, my beautiful Wife!
Let us go to the fields
Of My eternal Life.”
By Nathan Warner


Engagement Poem


©2020 Berean Lamp Ministries

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