God’s Wonderful Purpose

I don’t always like the pain it brings me, but I trust that He will get me through the pain, and life will be at the other end.

Loving My Father's Will

Was He calling me to be a missionary? A pastor's wife? Did He have some fulltime ministry for me? I knew I wanted to give my whole life to serving Him, but how? I was on my knees at a prayer meeting asking Him, “Lord! Please show me what You are calling me to be!” That still, small voice came to me, simply saying, “To be my child.”

Are You Ready?

One of the clear Biblical warnings about the Rapture is that it is imminent. It can happen at any time without warning. Therefore one must be prepared and ready for the Rapture before it occurs.

A Salvation Testimony

I grew up in a mainline church. I am grateful for all that I learned there. I believed very strongly in God, and I believed the Bible was all true. I believed that if I dared to question the Bible, God might strike me dead. I am grateful for the truth that I receive in the United Methodist Church. However, after 14 years in that church and being “confirmed,” I did not know that I needed to be born again, as Jesus said in John 3:7-8.

The Heavens Declare His Glory

As a biology major in college, I was taught to see the origin of life and the universe through the eyes of evolution. Naturalistic science is the measure of truth in that frame of reference, and this seems to imply something entirely different than what the Bible says. Naturalistic science rules out the existence of God by definition because it leaves no room for supernatural explanations. Hence, when I looked at the heavens, I saw nothing there that spoke to me about God—indeed, I saw just the opposite.

To Die Is to Gain

What if, at this moment, you found out that you were going to die in 24 hours? Would you have to change anything?

The Hitchhiker

Sometimes when we share the gospel with people, it seems like an exercise in futility. Some people show a negative response or no response at all. Don’t let that bother you. Keep praying for them. Many years ago, I had an experience that may be as much of an encouragement to you as it was to me.

Truth from a Young Age

We should always seek the truth. Truth has been very important in my life, in the lives of my children, and the lives of my grandchildren. Remaining truthful has been proven to be the right thing all my life. May we all see more truth, that it may set us free.

Thankfully, God does not want us to present or yield ourselves to Him blindly.

Marriage For a Lifetime

The Lord has seen our marriage through in so many wonderful ways


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