Jesus Christ giving of His life for those who believe on Him was foreshadowed in Exodus by bread from heaven and water from the rock. He is our true bread, living water, and true Exodus to the heavenly Promised Land.

God had intended His people Israel to be a light unto the world as well. Yet, in this too they largely failed. Most of the world continued to sit in darkness. Yet, the rebellion of man was not about to thwart God’s plan of salvation nor His desire to preserve a remnant of faithful elect within Israel.

The God Who Knows

The salvation of God’s people from Egypt pictured God’s great rescue mission in the Old Testament. The cross of Christ pictures an even greater rescue mission, one that dealt with a far worse slavery than the slavery of Egypt.

The Slavery That Leads to Death

Many people prefer the slavery of sin to the voluntary labor of liberty, even though that slavery leads to their death—the death of their name eternally. It is fascinating that the Founders of the United States understood this. And this is the practical value of Christianity – namely, that the western world’s tradition of liberty and personal responsibility owes its existence to the legacy of Christianity.

Jesus was a physical descendant of David but through the line of Nathan rather than Solomon. Moreover, the eternal nature of Jesus Christ means that He can establish David’s kingdom forever, just as promised. And, finally, as the son of Abraham, He has a unique relationship with the people of Israel, but He has also come to be a blessing to the whole world.

Inclusio in Matthew

While the inclusio literary devise is not prominent in the Bible and is only one of many, it does occur and if we would be Bereans, we must be aware of how authors in the first century used commonly accepted literary devices if we would properly interpret and live by God’s inspired Word.

The Golden Rule

Praise God that we have the mind of Christ dwelling in us today, through the Holy Spirit. May we be grateful to God for that beautiful gift of life and light through Jesus Christ our Lord! May we act out our faith to our neighbors—be they black or white, man or woman, near or far, friend or foe.

Adam, Eve, and Original Sin

People who move in Christian circles are generally familiar with the Biblical story of man’s Fall into sin. Familiarity, however, does not mean that all “Christians” share a common understanding and belief when it comes to the principle of original sin.

Did Adam and Eve understand that God was promising a Messiah—even God in the flesh? Yes, they did.

The Millennial Promise to Abraham

How beautiful it is that in 2019 we can answer Isaiah’s question: “Do you not know? Have you not heard? Has it not been told you from the beginning?” (Isaiah 40:21) Indeed, it has.

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