Lessons from the Rain

No one must seek out trials and tribulations. As Christians, they will surely find us. It is important to remember, however, that a Believer is never left to face such things alone. “God is our refuge and strength, A very present help in trouble” (Psalm 46:1).

The Centrality of the Soul

Insofar as clothing conceals our deformities and by decoration can impart some degree of magnificence, it is to mankind a signal aspect of our sublunary existence. Likewise, the soul receives its own covering: that of the body. So we find that all observations are made from within; howsoever altruistic one may be, the center of one’s life is never from the perspective of another (Proverbs 14:10).

Shadows of Light

Without our ever being capable of possessing consummate enlightenment, the daily guidance of the Holy Ghost ensures we remain in the way of spiritual light even when called to tread paths dark to our comprehension or cold to our heart (John 16:13).

God Is Listening

Too often we are slow to see when God answers prayers for ourselves or for others. Sometimes, this causes us to spend less time in prayer or to stop having faith that God answers prayer.

A Scriptural Primer: PRAYER

What is PRAYER? Is it giving thanks to God before eating a meal? Is it petitioning Him for blessings, desires, or relief? Prayer is much more than all these things. Scripture teaches us that prayer is about each of our personal and intimate relationship to God.

Who Is This God We Pray To?

There is something inside every human being that draws us to God and makes us want to reach out to Him to know Him. The ultimate thing in life is to truly know God. God gave us the gift of prayer in order that we may inquire of Him and learn to know Him and to reach out and find Him. Some, instead of reaching out to find Him, create their own religions or their own gods.

While there has been much debate and disagreement about what constitutes a natural family throughout history, God’s Word gives very clear direction on what the family is. The basic foundation of a family first appears in God’s creation of man, which finds its completion with the sexes.

Scriptures on the Narrow Way

What “way” do you put your faith in?

A Scriptural Primer: CREATION

A journey through the Scriptures looking at God's good creation, the Fall of that creation into the futility of sin, the promise of the coming new creation that would be sinless, the physical manifestation of this new creation in Jesus' resurrected, glorified body (His body is the first fruits or first born of the new creation), the new spiritual creation that God makes in the Believer, the physical manifestation of this new creation in the Believer at the future Resurrection, and the final manifestation of the completed new creation throughout all nature at the end of the Millennium when God creates a new Heaven and a new earth.

This is a look through the Word of God at the topic of the Father's Will


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