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Greenleaf in Drought

Believers in America are living in a period of spiritual dryness, but many others in the world have experienced the severe conditions of spiritual drought. Drought is a time of unfruitfulness when the seeds sown do not root and no fruit is produced. Is it possible for Believers to bear the Fruit of the Spirit when all around us is the barren wasteland of the world?

John Newton

"Nearly everyone knows the famous hymn “Amazing Grace”. But not everyone knows the story about the man who penned these famous words..."

“I sat on my luggage – miserable, cold and hungry – somewhere near the Manchurian border with not a soul in sight. I thought I would freeze to death, and for the first time real doubts came to my mind. ‘O God, is it worth it?’ I cried. Like a flash came the answer: ‘Be not afraid, remember I am the Lord.’ So I prayed that God would show me what to do and deliver me – and He did…” -Gladys Aylward – The Little Woman

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