Shelley Tvedt

Springs and Sponges

Do you remember the old-fashioned spring beds – the metal frames with hard springs on which mattresses were placed? Which do you think is the better place to sleep—between the springs and the mattress or on top of the mattress? Of course on top of the mattress is the answer; yet often, I find myself between the springs and the mattress.

Who is Lord of Your Estate?

To whom are you surrendered? Every human being lives in surrender to someone. There are no exceptions, and there are no half-surrenders.

The Fruit of the Spirit

While salvation comes by Jesus alone, Christian character does not depend only on having received Christ as our Saviour and being declared righteous before God because of Christ but also possessing and living out the fruit of the Spirit.

Greenleaf in Drought

Believers in America are living in a period of spiritual dryness, but many others in the world have experienced the severe conditions of spiritual drought. Drought is a time of unfruitfulness when the seeds sown do not root and no fruit is produced. Is it possible for Believers to bear the Fruit of the Spirit when all around us is the barren wasteland of the world?

Happy Birthdays

Everyone has a birthday. Believers and unbelievers alike celebrate their first birthday, but only believers celebrate three birthdays in their lifetime. Each birthday a believer celebrates is more precious and more life-changing than the last. Each one is known before time and designed by our Heavenly Father.

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