Scott Moller

The Millennial Promise to Abraham

How beautiful it is that in 2019 we can answer Isaiah’s question: “Do you not know? Have you not heard? Has it not been told you from the beginning?” (Isaiah 40:21) Indeed, it has.

Family and the Church

The family has always been God’s created design for mankind. However, the Church today is losing its foundation of family, both in the Body and in its leadership, despite the emphasis that the New Testament puts on family in the Church.

Scriptures on the Narrow Way

What “way” do you put your faith in?

Considering the Father's Will

How often do you begin your day asking yourself what the Father’s will is for the day ahead? I must confess I rarely do. My head is usually full of all of the things I have planned for the day and what I want to accomplish. But that is not how it was with Jesus during His earthly ministry as He set for us the perfect example of being in the Father’s will.

Becoming Less

Being a Child of God isn't about us, it is about Him

Created for Good Works

Do we approach each day looking for what God has shown us He is doing, that we should imitate Him? Or do we let distractions and the cares of this world convince us we are created to get what we need—that we are to work for the “good” of ourselves?

Are You Ready?

One of the clear Biblical warnings about the Rapture is that it is imminent. It can happen at any time without warning. Therefore one must be prepared and ready for the Rapture before it occurs.

Looking for That Blessed Hope

Paul and the other apostles truly hoped and longed for the return of Jesus Christ. They wrote of it often in their letters in the New Testament. They reminded the early Christians of Christ’s coming as a means of encouragement. But sadly today, many Christians are no longer looking for the “Blessed Hope.”

No Fear of Judgment

Many Believers live in fear of God’s judgment. But God’s Word tells us that we should not fear if we are in Christ.

Living in the Light of Eternity

Eternity – what we hope for (as Believers), but we do not see. Paul calls it a poor reflection; it is dim, blurry, shadowy, unclear, etc. It is known only in part. And I am certain only a very, very small part. We know in our hearts that eternity exists, but beyond that we have very limited understanding. Paul goes on to proclaim “then I shall know fully” – our eyes will be opened. We will gain full understanding of eternity in the presence of Christ.


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