Nathan Warner

“The afflicted testify to the reality of a fallen world, which is not intended for our happiness or fulfilment but to drive us to the only one who can fulfill us – Jesus Christ, the Son of God and the coming King, Who will restore our natures to righteousness and the nature of this world to perfection.”

Of course, the origin of clothing was in the Fall of Man into rebellion against God. Before the Fall, Adam and Eve were clothed by fellowship with God. The thoughts of their hearts and minds were completely open to God and they felt no spiritual shame because there was no reason to hide their thoughts from Him. They were not open to judgment in the light of His presence, for they had no sin. They were justified to be with Him.

The Good News of the Kingdom

Because we aren’t omnipresent and all-knowing creatures, we rely on news to help us decide what to do with our lives and the lives of those we know. We wait on news to make the best decisions for our present and future. And so, we see investors eagerly waiting on news about how their financial investments are performing – are they richer this morning or poorer? The news should directly affect their behavior. Medical patients pray for good news from their doctors.

How Do You Know the Truth?

How do we KNOW what we know? Have you ever stopped to consider this? We say we “know” something when we see, hear, or experience it for ourselves, OR someone tells us that they have seen, heard, or experienced something, and we believe them.

How Is One Born of the Spirit?

What does it mean to be “born of the Spirit”? Quite simply, it is synonymous with being “born again,” justified, “adopted” by the Heavenly Father as His child, and “betrothed” to Christ as His Bride. Why so many terms for the same thing?

What is Biblical Prophecy?

What is prophecy? What does it mean to prophesy? Is it insight into the future, revelation from Heaven, hearing directly from God?

God Is Listening

Too often we are slow to see when God answers prayers for ourselves or for others. Sometimes, this causes us to spend less time in prayer or to stop having faith that God answers prayer.

The Relationship of Prayer

What is this thing called prayer? Is it distressed requests, joyful rejoicing, thankfulness, or petitions? Well, yes and no. Yes, because prayer does often involve all these things, but no because this is not what prayer is in its essence—in its heart. Prayer for the Believer is the act of “relating” in a deeply intimate relationship founded on love.

A Family Not of Blood

God created the family, natural and spiritual. Natural families are a product of the natural relationships that God designed between a husband and wife, which produces children, who in turn produce children with their husbands and wives in a cascading, exponential effect so that mankind would “be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over every living thing that moves on the earth” (Genesis 1:28b).

Man Lives by Faith

Anyone who claims to live their lives without faith clearly has not thought their position through. Almost every aspect of our lives intrinsically rests on trust in someone or something...Atheists and evolutionists regularly declare they do not require faith to explain the origin and nature of the universe. Yet they inherently do. (The author has degrees in Geology and Geophysics)


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