Natalie Madsen

A Unity That Praises Him

Leonardo of Pisa was born in Italy during the late 1100s. His reputation as a gifted mathematician soared when he discovered an intricate numbering sequence that is still awing scientists to this day. While studying rabbits, Leonardo of Pisa found that the little creatures multiplied in number from one to thirteen in seven months – not randomly but in a distinct pattern. Leonardo, who was nicknamed Fibonacci, had unearthed the “Fibonacci number sequence.”

Make Your Ear Attentive

In the early years of the United States, whenever gold was found or claimed to have been found, settlers’ ears perked up, and they flocked around general stores and swapped dream stories. Many settlers uprooted themselves and sometimes their families to journey to areas potentially filled with treasure. Most of these pioneers gave up their very livelihoods and threw everything aside to seek their gold...I encourage you to view discernment as a precious stone and seek for it diligently!

Throwing Aside Our Cloaks

Tucked into the tenth chapter of Mark is a little story that so perfectly parallels our helplessness and only Hope in Christ Jesus.

In His Strength

Let our hope rest in Christ our Lord and King and let our endurance come from Him, in Whom we have strength and Who took all weight of punishment on Himself to Calvary. Persevere in serving our King!

What a beautiful thing it is to be appointed by the Lord for His purpose! His Will is a task for us to carry out as ambassadors and representatives of Christ Jesus. He has chosen us and appointed us to bear fruit – and not just fruit but lasting fruit. What a joy it is to know that His plan for us is to bear fruit for His glory! By His promises to never leave nor forsake us (Hebrews 13:5) and by the knowledge that He had prepared beforehand what He meant for us to do for His sake (Ephesians 2:10), we can trustingly and obediently follow His intention for our lives, no matter what that purpose may be.

Waiting on the Lord

"Many times in my life, I have desired to know the Lord’s will for me, and sometimes I get anxious when He tarries in telling me. For me, I want to know it now, so I can pursue certain things or put an end to other things. However, the Lord has been recently laying on my heart the importance of waiting on Him..."

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