Dave Weatherly

Hope for the Future

Simply defined, hope is the Christian’s attitude towards the future. Hope anticipates what God will yet do as promised in Scripture. Christians are not to hope half-heartedly but with finality, without any doubt concerning the promises of God.

Persevering Has Its Reward

Persevering through trials is proof of living faith (James 1:12). Our faith is tested to prove its genuineness, and by God’s faithfulness to us in trials, we have assurance of our Salvation. It is through God’s power that we are preserved, not by any work of our own.

Assurance of Eternal Life

Contemporary Christians have been conditioned to believe that because they recited a prayer, walked the aisle, or had some other experience, they are saved and should never question their salvation. It is a widely held misconception that anyone who questions whether he or she is saved is challenging the integrity of God’s Word.

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