Dana Dexter

The God Who Knows

The salvation of God’s people from Egypt pictured God’s great rescue mission in the Old Testament. The cross of Christ pictures an even greater rescue mission, one that dealt with a far worse slavery than the slavery of Egypt.

The Mind of Christ

Paul commanded the Philippians to complete his joy (Philippians 2:1-2). While this at first may appear to be a selfish demand, quite the opposite is true. Completing Paul's joy here leads to the death of selfish demands. It leads to healthy relationships and peace-filled local churches. It leads to pastors with a high quality of life. Best of all, it leads to an intimate knowledge of Jesus Christ and a fuller appreciation of what He has done for us.

The Holy God of Love

The Holiness of God can be terrifying. Why is this? Well to start, if sinless angels who worship God in His presence must cover their eyes and feet (Isaiah 6:2), then what hope is there for the man whose feet can't leave the ground, whose heart is stained by unholy sin, and whose eyes are accustomed to gazing at a dark world? We may be tempted to look away from the reality of God's holiness or minimize it by recasting God's character to make Him a more approachable image. But we must not! We must embrace God's holiness.

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