Beth Moller

Life Lessons from Joseph

If you are in a season of waiting, a time of trial, or are feeling stuck in a certain place in life, I encourage you to look to the example that Joseph left for us and marvel at God’s provision and goodness.

Becoming an Isaiah

While it is true that no one can wake up one morning and decide to be just like a person from the past, such as Paul or Peter, Moses or David, we can all learn from the humble and obedient life of the prophet Isaiah.

The Colors of God's Handiwork

Apply Your Heart

How do we grow as Christians? Is it by just going to church with your parents, singing hymns, and reading your Bible once in a while? I believe that growing as a Christian requires something more: the desire to grow in your personal relationship with Christ and to apply your heart and mind to learning the things that God wants us to learn.

Many people know familiar passages of Scripture by memory such as John 3:16 or Psalm 23. But what are some specific ways that we can benefit from memorizing God’s Word? Several different thoughts came to mind when I was thinking about this subject.

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