In the Beginning, God Created...

The foundational truth of God’s creation of the world and His authority and power has been openly and heavily attacked in our lifetimes. And yet, it remains true that “in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” All of His creation has purpose and function. We have the witness of God’s eternal power and Godhead within us and are without excuse.

A Scriptural Primer: CREATION

A journey through the Scriptures looking at God's good creation, the Fall of that creation into the futility of sin, the promise of the coming new creation that would be sinless, the physical manifestation of this new creation in Jesus' resurrected, glorified body (His body is the first fruits or first born of the new creation), the new spiritual creation that God makes in the Believer, the physical manifestation of this new creation in the Believer at the future Resurrection, and the final manifestation of the completed new creation throughout all nature at the end of the Millennium when God creates a new Heaven and a new earth.

A New Creation

Mankind, the most miraculous creation of all, has a very hard time believing or grasping spiritual things, because they are unseen, yet the evidence is there (John 3:5-8). It is such a mystery that it is very often totally missed or misunderstood, even by those who are God’s children. This is the miracle of the new creation that He creates within every man or woman who comes to Him in faith, when they are convicted of sin and their need for a Savior.

Considering the Father's Will

How often do you begin your day asking yourself what the Father’s will is for the day ahead? I must confess I rarely do. My head is usually full of all of the things I have planned for the day and what I want to accomplish. But that is not how it was with Jesus during His earthly ministry as He set for us the perfect example of being in the Father’s will.

Jesus came to do the Father’s will. Jesus came to earth to testify of His Father’s will and to reveal Him and His love. He did this in both word and action.

Wise Men Follow the Rock

There is wisdom in following the will of the Father in that this leads us to a place of stability despite the uncertainties of this life. The result is peace, safety, and security. That is why He is described in the Scriptures in terms of being our rock.

This is a look through the Word of God at the topic of the Father's Will

The Conflict of the Soul

As God’s children, He has placed in us the desire to do His will. He has given us a new heart, a new will, and new desires to please Him through His Spirit coming into our hearts, if we are born of His Spirit. Yet we find within us a conflict, because the enemy accuses us, twisting our motives and our understanding of God’s will.

God's Will - the Only Good Will

In our lives, we have a hard time accepting God’s will over us, even though it is good for us, because our sin-nature is self-centered, self-willed, and narcissistic. Like young children, we are predisposed to care only for our immediate desires and wants, regardless of whether they will cause others harm or harm us later.

A New Relational Life

Proper relational patterns are built on trust, but unfortunately in the fallen world trust is easily broken.

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