Becoming an Isaiah

While it is true that no one can wake up one morning and decide to be just like a person from the past, such as Paul or Peter, Moses or David, we can all learn from the humble and obedient life of the prophet Isaiah.

What is Biblical Prophecy?

What is prophecy? What does it mean to prophesy? Is it insight into the future, revelation from Heaven, hearing directly from God?

The Alpha and the Omega

How does God prove His existence to mankind? It is not as easy as it sounds.

God Is Listening

Too often we are slow to see when God answers prayers for ourselves or for others. Sometimes, this causes us to spend less time in prayer or to stop having faith that God answers prayer.

A Scriptural Primer: PRAYER

What is PRAYER? Is it giving thanks to God before eating a meal? Is it petitioning Him for blessings, desires, or relief? Prayer is much more than all these things. Scripture teaches us that prayer is about each of our personal and intimate relationship to God.

Prayer Is Work

It has always been God’s desire for His people to be people of prayer. The trouble is that prayer is work. It takes time and effort just like any other job. However, there is a difference between the work of prayer and that which exists in the natural, physical realm. For one thing, immediate, tangible results are often lacking when it comes to prayer, for its ways are mysterious, being ultimately subject to the will of the Father.

Who Is This God We Pray To?

There is something inside every human being that draws us to God and makes us want to reach out to Him to know Him. The ultimate thing in life is to truly know God. God gave us the gift of prayer in order that we may inquire of Him and learn to know Him and to reach out and find Him. Some, instead of reaching out to find Him, create their own religions or their own gods.

The Relationship of Prayer

What is this thing called prayer? Is it distressed requests, joyful rejoicing, thankfulness, or petitions? Well, yes and no. Yes, because prayer does often involve all these things, but no because this is not what prayer is in its essence—in its heart. Prayer for the Believer is the act of “relating” in a deeply intimate relationship founded on love.

While there has been much debate and disagreement about what constitutes a natural family throughout history, God’s Word gives very clear direction on what the family is. The basic foundation of a family first appears in God’s creation of man, which finds its completion with the sexes.

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